Deep In The Heart with Yoga Ed.

Yoga Ed. is an educational program dedicated to changing education through the practice of yoga. Our mission is to empower school communities with yoga to cultivate health and wellness in children and teens. Through evidence-based Professional Institutes, Professional Development, and Educational Resources, Yoga Ed. equips educators with yoga tools to integrate yoga for children and teens into academic environments.


Professional Development

Our Tools for Teachers Professional Development workshops are designed to equip you with the tools you need to make teaching a positive experience for not just your students, but also yourself. Choose from any one of our Professional Development workshops.

Two Hour:
-Learn the basic principles and tools to implement short yoga breaks with both children and teens
-Practice 15+ chair yoga exercises to effectively promote health, learning and achievement
-Gain a deeper understanding of how to utilize chair yoga to support student outcomes
-Includes one copy of our Tools for Teachers Mini Manual
Four Hour:
-Focus on developmentally appropriate short yoga breaks for either children or teens
-Practice 35+ chair yoga exercises to effectively promote health, learning, and achievement
-Learn how to identify challenging times during the school day and successfully utilize chair yoga tools to shift students into a more positive, learning-ready state of mind
-Includes one copy of our Tools for Teachers Children’s Manual or Tools for Teachers Adolescents’   Manual
Eight Hour:
-Fulfill all objectives of our four hour workshops, PLUS
-Gain efficacy in navigating challenging times of a school day with chair yoga exercises through practice teaching experiences and feedback activities with fellow participants
-Includes 12 ready-to-use chair yoga sequences for your classroom

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Professional Institutes

The Professional Institute is a comprehensive training program designed for individuals inspired to integrate yoga for children and teens into academic environments. Certified by the Yoga Alliance, our program focuses on the physical, mental, and emotional benefits yoga can provide for children and teens. Upon completion of our institutes, you will be fully equipped with tools to help students build a lifetime of health and wellness through the practice of yoga.

PI 1 Foundations: Teaching Children's Yoga

Connect with your students through the practice of yoga.

PI 1 equips you with the basic principles and tools needed to effectively teach children in an academic environment. You will learn yoga techniques to promote children’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Emphasis is placed on learning how to read and relate to children through understanding child development, anatomy, physiology, and learning domains. From this transformational training, you will emerge with the ability to effectively tailor yoga classes to meet children’s varying needs.

Focus: Ages 3 to 12 / Grades Pre-K to 5th

PI 2 Building Blocks: Teaching Teen’s Yoga

Refine your teaching practices for teenage students.

PI 2 expands on the foundations of PI 1. You will study the internal and external changes in teenagers, and how changes can alter the teens’ yoga experience. This training will provide you with a deeper understanding of how to successfully shift teaching practices to connect with teens.

Focus: Ages 13 to 18 / Grades 6th to 12th


Yoga Education

I received my 200 hour yoga teacher certification through Yoga Yoga in Austin, TX. In October 2017 I attended Yoga Ed.'s PI 2 and immediately saw the value of the curriculum for my social work practice. Through yoga students practice self-regulation, build self-awareness, and reduce stress. All of these benefits help to create a more productive learning environment for students and teachers.